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Learn about the leaders in the home improvements and luxury marketplace industry

We offer a wide range of providers  to meet your needs and answer your questions.  They work directly with you to come to the  best solution for your home or business needs. We showcase the most effective and knowledgeable professional home improvement pros and interior design consultants by listening to the needs of our clients when they attend our home inspiration workshops.  

Sunroom with Wicker Furniture


Bringing the Showrooms to You!

The Home Owner Workshops feature Lifestyle professionals, Specialty Vendors, and Home Improvement Professionals. 


With more than 20 years of experience helping families buy and sell their homes, educating first-time home-buyers, and providing homeownership workshops,  we have developed our Home Shows and workshops to continue to educate all attendees about all the service providers and products available to them to maintain a healthy home and living environment.


The elements and designs that our vast selection of Exhibitors use to accessorize, furnish and design homes are always sleek and upscale. The exhibitors that participate in our home shows have designed it all – and we can prove it when you attend or participate!  


We honor the best in interior design, furniture, accessories, home improvements, and inspiration. 


Grab your family and friends, and come shop and save, peruse the latest home and lifestyles trends, win raffles and giveaways, and leave with new ideas and design inspiration to fuel their journey toward the home of their dreams.    

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