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SWC Buys Houses

By using SWC Buys Houses, home owners no longer have to fix-up their properties.


We offer a guaranteed, fast and hassle-free sale to people who want to sell their property. We buy your property “As-Is”. We renovate the property if necessary, so sellers do not need to waste their time or money readying their property for sale. We have a history of strong growth and success.


One of the keys to our success is the purchasing power we have developed through building relationships and partnerships. We have tremendous buying power when we choose to renovate a property, paying up to 50% less than most property owners would pay. We operate much like a new home builder with a large network of contractors that go from property-to-property and are able to give us tremendous pricing in return for our volume. This savings in renovations is then passed along to our customers through a higher purchase offer. So why pay up to 50% more on your renovations when we can do all of that work for you?

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We make selling your home a breeze.

You probably have questions. When is the best time to buy or sell? How much house can I afford? How much is my house worth? It might seem intimidating, but our experienced team is here to help!

If you have questions about credit or legal matters, buying or selling, you can trust us to find you what you need fast. We'll make sure you feel confident and educated every step of the way.


We do not operate like a real estate agent. Instead of listing your house and hoping it will sell, we buy it ourselves. Then later we worry about selling it or making any improvements needed.


If you like this idea then SWC Buys Houses is a great solution – because we simply buy your house fast, directly from you. With no agent on the other side, you keep even more of your home’s valuable appreciation.


Sell your home fast with a competitive offer from SWC Buys Houses. Your property won’t linger on the market for months. We can move quickly to closing. And with this kind of certainty, you can place an offer on your next home or commercial property without contingencies.

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